Tom’s Bao Bao

I finally made it!! I have been trying to go to this restaurant for months after one of my friends raved about it and posted the COOLEST pictures. It’s the first Tom’s Bao Bao located in the US, right in Harvard Square off of John F. Kennedy Street.Bao is a Chinese bun filled with various … More Tom’s Bao Bao


I went to the North End for dinner a ton freshman year, mostly because we had no idea where else to go…. But hadn’t been back all of sophomore year! This past weekend my mom and sister were in town, and we were staying at the Marriott on the Long Wharf, so it only made … More Carmelina’s


This is yet another lovely restaurant in the South End, perfect for a nice brunch. We headed to Brownstone on a gorgeous Saturday morning, with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. The restaurant had rolled back the large glass windows for diners to enjoy the warm spring breeze and colorful flower boxes. We … More Brownstone

Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market is one of my FAVORITE places to visit in Boston. Even if I’m not looking to eat, the vibes of this market are so great. Everyone is so laid back and passionate about food, looking to tell you more about sustainable farming and the food industry. Located right next to North End, … More Boston Public Market


I’m attempting to build my collection of Boston adventures, as it has been pointed out to me by my dear friend Shannon that it’s hard for people to get brunch advice from eSKape, when most of my blogs are about Iceland– point well taken. So today after class I hopped on the T to head into … More Jugos

Caffè Nero

Ok. So these are everywhere in Boston, but I think I just found my favorite Caffè  Nero in Washington Square, right on the C line. I stumbled upon this one while getting boxes at the hardware store next door, and I’m in LOVE. It’s quite large, completely pink, and has bookshelves hanging from the ceiling. There … More Caffè Nero