The Lynhall

So I have most definitely discovered my new favorite coffee shop/work space/cafe/restaurant in all of Minneapolis, thanks to the lovely Emma Sedarski! After a long weekend in Chicago, she picked me up from the bus stop and we headed right over to The Lynall, which had opened just a few weeks before. Located on 26th and Lyndale Ave, The Lynhall is unlike any cafe I’ve found in either Minneapolis or Boston. It has a market-style set up, with two large rooms filled with long farmer tables allowing for plenty of space.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
It only looks empty because we were the first ones there at 7 in the morning! When I came later in the afternoon the following day, it was packed.

Each table is decorated with the most simple yet beautiful floral arrangements, along with copper bowls filled with utensils.

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There are two places to order, with meals at one section and coffee and pastries at the other. We both got lattes and a lemon tart to split, and enjoyed a relaxing morning sitting in the sunny corner, chatting and taking in all of the decor of this adorable new cafe.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

The Lynhall has 2 very unique aspects that are unlike anything Minneapolis has had before. There is a large kitchen studio in the back of the cafe that is available for commercial and non-professional production, with video and audio equipment to allow people to film any cooking or baking videos they’re looking to share for personal business. But what’s even COOLER is the incubator kitchen, which helps small local food businesses in the community get a kick start into the industry. People are able to rent out this space and use all of the equipment to help their business establish itself if they don’t have the resources yet. HOW COOL???

To say the least, I’m obsessed with this place. Everyone working here was SO friendly and interesting, and the service was just great. After Emma showed it to me, I’ve already been back twice and have told everyone who will listen about it.

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In addition to the multiple farmers tables, bench and outdoor seating, they have a little sitting area with comfy couches and a fireplace, which will be the perfect spot for people to gather on a chilly fall afternoon. Even the bathroom was adorable.

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Look at that wallpaper! Each bathroom had a different wallpaper and tile design, which I discovered after my second visit…

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Even the cups are adorable.

I’m obsessed, to say the least. And I really do plan on coming back here almost every day to get lots of work done. There are people who gather here to catch up and grab lunch, but also a number of people who settle in for a few hours on their computers and get down to business (me…). The wi-fi password pretty much sums up The Lynhall’s mission: eat.gather. It’s a perfect place right in the heart of Minneapolis that not only offers wonderful decor, food and coffee, but supports local food businesses in the community.696F804A-26AC-444D-B488-6A9DE8F79996I literally beg you to come here because this place is EXACTLY what Minneapolis needs.



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