Tibetan Homes Foundation

The Tibetan Homes foundation is an organization that supports Tibetans living throughout India. The location we visited was a boarding school, with kids from ages 3-18, many of whom have been brought from Tibet to seek refuge in India, as the Chinese government has become increasingly oppressive towards the Tibetan people. In 1959 the Dalai Lama fled to India in fear that the Chinese government would kidnap or arrest him, and as the aggression has become more and more violent, many families have sent their kids to India to receive an education and remain close to their Tibetan culture.

This complex was HUGE. They really emphasize students having technical skills to use as soon as they graduate from the school, so they teach all of the kids various skills such as sewing, painting, and crafting.

Sewing room


IMG_8674IMG_8673IMG_8665After touring around the foundation and learning a little more bout the work that the foundation does, we went to visit the temple. This was the first Tibetan buddhist temple in India, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The colors were all so bright, and all of the gods were depicted very clearly. There was a little cut out of the Dalai Lama in the temple as well… He is everywhere— in every single classroom and room all over the foundation. 


Dalai Lama in far right corner

IMG_8693We then took a quick hike to the top of the mountain, which was covered in beautiful prayer flags. Similar to flag hill from our other hike, but SO many more flags! They were layered all the way up the mountain, and at the top was a big Buddha statue. IMG_8758IMG_8732IMG_8736This view was PHENOMENAL, and we could see mountains 360 degrees around us.IMG_8735

The breeze was very cool, and it was the freshest the air has been our entire time in India. It was sad to say goodbye, but we had a long walk back, and were heading out early tomorrow am for AGRA!!!


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